At Playing11, we believe in 100% Transparent and Fair game for all.

Trust us to:

Check & Verify Every User

We strive to ensure that we only have genuine users playing on Playing11. To facilitate this, we have put in place strict policies and protocols to check any violation of Playing11 FairPlay. Before withdrawing their winnings, the Users are required to verify their accounts & furnish their valid government authorized ID Proof - PAN Card & bank account details. These details and documents are collected and verified with the respective authorities.

Have Safe & Secure Payments

Our payment gateways are highly secure & encrypted with 3-D secure authentication to safeguard each & every transactions on this platform. We do not store any confidential info like your Credit/Debit card Details etc.

Give fair chance to all

We all work here with one vision, which is our love for cricket. Our Employees are strictly forbidden to participate in any contest or disclose any confidential info. We value your time & dedication.

Follow the Laws

We believe in knowledge & hence our platform offers Cash Prizes to people with great Cricket knowledge. Playing11 is a legal Platform & abides by all the rules set by Government of India.

To be available for you

Our main goal is to make your experience smooth & hassle-free. For that our Support team is working very hard to be available for all our users. You can mail us at support@playing11app for any query mentioning your issue and registered email id and/or registered phone number. And we will get back to you in 2-3 business hours.

You can also check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Section here to get solutions for regularly asked issues.

We have Transparency in:


There is fixed Cash Bonus to enter any Contest of any match for all our Users. All of our users have to abide by same set of rules & Fairplay ordinance. The process of building Team & Selection of Team Members is completely transparent & is only done in a certain way. The limits on The number of Players and the Player’s placement is same for all the Users.

Player Cash Credit

The Cash credits required to have a player in your team is fixed and different for every Contest, Match and League. The Price of Player never vary on factors like their performance or real life Team during the respective Contest or Match.

Match Deadline

Playing11’s deadline for all matches is fixed and that is 10 mins before the match starts. You cannot enter the Match, Update or Edit the Team post that. We ensure to follow this strictly for each & every match so that every User has equal time & opportunity for Team & Strategy

Declaring Winners

We keep your Credits invested and Winnings transparent. You can assess your growth, Winnings & Cash Bonus very easily by going to the Profile section at Playing11.

We take Responsibility for

Protecting User’s Info

Our Users trust us with their Confidential Info like Aadhar Card, Pan Card and Bank Account Details. We ask for this information due to Security & Verification purposes and for the welfare of our User Community. It is NEVER disclosed to any third party.

Playing with a Responsibility

We strictly do not allow user below 18 years old to join our Platform.

Rules for FairPlay

  • You can only create one account. Creating multiple accounts is strictly prohibited.
  • You shouldn’t misuse your invite code in any way. Participate in our Invite & Refer program with all fairness.
  • You shouldn’t misuse your Cash Bonus in any way.

What happens when:

  • You misuse your Invite Code by creating multiple accunts?


  • You misuse your cash bonus from Match Winnings?


For Further Details, refer to our T&Cs here: